Slatted Wood Wall Panel

Slatted Wood Wall Panel

Slatted Wood Wall Panel, also called as akupanel, is a kind of composited sound absorption structure.
As the sound waves travel to its surface, some of them are reflected in all directions by the wooden slats on the surface, while others are absorbed directly by the polyester felt on the back of the product. Therefore, this product is a combination of diffusion and sound absorption of the dual functions of the product.


Slatted Wood Wall Panel


Product Data

LD35-15 / LD27-13
Total Width
600mm / 400mm
Slat Width35mm / 27mm
Gap Width
15mm / 13mm
Length1200mm / 2400mm
Thickness21mm(9mm PET base board with 12mm wooden slat)
Base Material100% Polyester Acoustic Panel (class A flame retardant from ASTM E84 standard)
Wooden Slat
High Density Fiber Board, Solid Wood
FinishMelamine Laminate, Veneer, HPL
7.5kg Per Square Meter
Loading Capacity
1000SQM/20GP, 2500SQM/40GP, 2900SQM/40HQ.


Simple Introduction

The inspiration comes from our persistent efforts into working on solutions that strike a balance between sustaining humans’ traditional liking for wood decoration and slowing down deforestation.
We have been inspired to market polyester panels as a perfect substitute for traditional any air-contaminating or deforestation-causing finish of any form, in the fields including but not limited to ceilings, walls, partitions, screens, cabinet and furniture side back and door boards, wood door panels, cement mortar base finish, putty coating, paints, etc.




1. Up to 3 meters height, cover floor to ceiling with single panel.
2. Wooden look finish, good decoration effect, blend in with other decorations.
3. Standard size products, can be ordered in large quantities and keep them in your warehouse.


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Akupanel Acoustic Panel Project

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