We help humans realize a more ecologically friendly planet to live on. Replacing traditional less eco-friendly decorative finishes with polyester panels to enable forests to be less consumed, and the air to be less polluted is what we have been doing and will continue to do.


We have been inspired to market polyester panels as a perfect substitute for any traditional air-contaminating or deforestation-causing finish of any form, in the fields including but not limited to ceilings, walls, partitions, screens, cabinet and furniture side back and door boards, wood door panels, cement mortar base finish, putty coating, paints, etc. This inspiration stands on solid grounds from the below 4 perspectives including Ecological, Social, Economical and Political,combined, creating a more sustainable planet for us and future generations.

The polyester,PET panels are made from is a byproduct of the petroleum refining industry, resulting in no extra air pollution. Up to 60% at maximum of the content of a panel can be made from recycled PET bottles, which prevents single-use plastic from entering the waste stream.
PET panels do not emit hazardous substances, doing no harm to humans and the air.
PET panels are recyclable to be melted down unlimited times to make new products for other industries such as construction pipes and plastic bags, causing no post-consumer waste to be dumped into landfills.
So the whole life-cycle of PET panels including its production, use and disposition does not burden this planet at all.
PET panels used in replacing wood to some degree in areas such as furniture and decoration in the form of non-bearing board such as wardrobe side and back boards, wardrobe door panels, kitchen cabinet side and back boards, kitchen door panels, office desk side and back boards, drawer door panels, screens, partitions, wood decorative panels, internal door panels, play a paramount role in reducing wood use so as to slow down deforestation, contributing to a greener world.


PET panels are lightweight, easy to install, saving on construction and labor costs.
The polyester PET panels are made from,  a byproduct of the petroleum refining industry, does not cost much.
PET panels once installed into place do not take time to air dry or VOCs discharge, shortening the completion period of a project.
PET panels do not absorb moisture at all so as to be completely antimicrobial, having a long life-cycle.
PET panels can be cleaned and maintained as follows: brush off, blow off with compressed air, clean by using a dry cleaning sponge, damp white cloth or similar. Heavy soiling or stains may require a cleaner similar to Resolve Carpet Cleaner or Spot Shot which should be used as directed. Heavily damaged panels should be replaced.


The polyester PET panels are made from is smelless and free from VOCs, to European standards LEED and REACH, securing human health to the largest extent.
PET panels are fire rated as per Class A, American standards ASTM E84 and EN 13501-1, B-s1, d0, ensuring human safety.
PET panels are lightweight, impact resistant and resilient, minimizing the risk of injury and death during construction and use, securing human safety.
PET panels are mold and fungal resistant as per American standards ASTM C1338, securing human health.


1.To reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases does not only require collective efforts among different countries in changing our dependence from traditional energy to clean energy, but also needs us to slow down deforestation and invest in forest planning.

2.Using wood or less environmentally friendly panels as decoration is not a sustainable strategy, as it is foreseeable that more and more mandatory regulations on environmental protection will be enacted and implements under a more and more severe situation.

3.In order to achieve a better and more sustainable future, the United Nations and global leaders have agreed upon a number of Sustainable Development Goals. The Paris Agreement was adopted by 196 Parties on December 12, 2015 with the goal of limiting climate change.

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing products is made from 100% recyclable meterials. It meets the Global Recycled Standard.

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