What is Acoustic Panels? How to Choose Acoustic Panels?


Acoustic panel refers to a plate-shaped material with sound-absorbing and noise-reducing effects, and it is also an ideal acoustic decorative material. Its main function is to attract and ensure the quietness of the room.

Principle of Sound Absorption of Acoustic Panel

There are many small holes inside and on the surface of the acoustic board, through which the sound can enter the interior of the acoustic panel. Since these apertures are irregular, it is difficult for sound to come out once it enters, eventually causing the sound energy to be lost.

Types of Acoustic Panels

At present, the types of acoustic panels are more diverse, and the materials of different types of acoustic panels are different. The following mainly introduces several commonly used acoustic panels.

Wooden Acoustic Panel

The wooden acoustic panel is precisely machined based on the principle of sound and consists of veneer, core material, and sound-absorbing thin felt. There are two types of wood acoustic panels: slotted wood sound-absorbing panels and perforated wood sound-absorbing panels.

Fabric Acoustic Panel

The fabric acoustic panel is composed of soft fabric veneer, frame-group, sound-absorbing cotton, and waterproof aluminum felt. Its core material is centrifugal glass wool.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

Polyester fiber acoustic panel is an ideal acoustic decorative material. It is made of polyester fiber by hot pressing and with a sound-absorbing function. Compared with acoustic panels of other materials, polyester acoustic panels do not contain glue and formaldehyde, which are more environmentally friendly and can be used with peace of mind. And you can cut the size and match the color according to the size of the space.

Correct selection of acoustic panel

-Is There a Test Report

If an acoustic panel advertises that its sound-absorbing performance is good, but there is no official test report, then you must be careful and pay attention to identifying the manufacturer’s credit and goodwill to avoid being deceived.

-Is it Easy to Install

To achieve a good sound-absorbing effect, the installation of the acoustic panel must be very simple, otherwise, the installation personnel on-site will make mistakes, resulting in the sound insulation value of the wall not reaching the ideal sound-absorbing effect.

-Thickness & Weight

To improve the sound insulation effect, many acoustic panels will increase their thickness and weight. Although it can improve the sound insulation effect to a certain extent, it also leads to many disadvantages, like low sound absorption efficiency, occupying living space, difficult installation, and the high freight.

Other features

While paying attention to the sound-absorbing effect of the acoustic board, we should also pay attention to other functions of the acoustic board. For example, if there are many people in the room, it is necessary to choose a sound-absorbing board with strong impact resistance. If it is in a humid area like bathrooms, acoustic panels with better waterproof performance are required.


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