Free Standing Partition: What It Is And How It Can Benefit You


When it comes to interior design, free standing partition acoustic panels are probably one of the most versatile and efficient use of space. This article discusses free standing partitions and how you can benefit from them.

Benefits of free standing partition acoustic panels

A free standing partition acoustic panel is an acoustic panel that is not attached to the floor or ceiling. These freestanding partition acoustic panels are perfect for creating your own privacy in public.

LEEDINGS free standing partition sound-absorbing panels are screens made of high-density polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels, which not only have excellent sound-absorbing properties, but are also designed for visual privacy, creating greater privacy for indoor staff.

Keep it out of close proximity to noise sources, freestanding partitions absorb sound energy, reducing noise distractions and ensuring employees can focus better. LEEDINGS free standing partition acoustic panels are ideal for use in busy workplaces.

LEEDINGS free standing partition polyester fiber acoustic panels don‘t contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, do not cause additional air pollution, and are harmless to human body. In addition, LEEDINGS free standing partition acoustic panels are easy to install and maintain, which can effectively save labor installation costs and maintenance costs.

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