Briefly Talk About Sound Baffled Ceilings


Sound baffled ceiling panels are an effective and affordable acoustic ceiling treatment that can be hung vertically for improved speech intelligibility. Acoustic ceilings are an excellent choice for use in large spaces, limited wall space, or spaces requiring unreachable materials. By interrupting the path of noise, these economical suspended baffles reduce sound reverberation.

How sound-baffled ceiling panels work

Sound baffled ceiling panels have become the preferred choice when acoustically treating large spaces with high ceilings, as they provide a greater surface area for absorption. When sound propagates toward the ceiling, it encounters these highly reflective surfaces, and only a very small amount of energy is absorbed by the sound-baffled ceiling, leaving enough energy for the sound waves to continue traveling through the room, thus reducing echo and reverberation in the room.


Studies have shown that the length of the reverberation time depends largely on the presence or absence of sound-absorbing materials in the room. In the long-term, high-noise environments can lead to listener fatigue and reduced concentration. The high-performance sound baffled ceiling can effectively reduce the noise, shorten the reverberation time, and improve the intelligibility of the language, thereby reducing the work pressure of the staff.


Usually, if the ceiling height of the room is 3 meters, to shorten the reflection time, the cost-saving method is to install the sound baffled ceiling on all or part of the ceiling in the form of a suspended ceiling. If the ceiling height is higher, then you should install some acoustic material on the wall to help reduce the reverberation time.


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