Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panel-The Green Sound Solution

Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panel-The Green Sound Solution

Wood slat acoustic panels are sound-absorbing materials used to reduce indoor noise, also known as akupanel, which is a composite sound-absorbing structure. The sound travels with the sound waves to the surface of the acoustic slat wood wall panels, some of which are reflected in all directions by the wooden slats on the surface, while others are directly absorbed by the polyester felt on the back of the akupanel, reducing the noise and creating a pleasant atmosphere for the room. Therefore, it is a product with dual functions of diffusion and sound absorption.

Wood slat acoustic panels are finished with solid wood veneer, offering natural wood color and texture variations, suitable for a variety of interiors, giving interior spaces a modern ambience. Moreover, the wood slat acoustic panel is very environmentally friendly. The acoustic felt on the back is made of polyester fiber, which is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and harmless to human. It is very suitable as a home building material.

In addition, the wood slat sound-absorbing panel is easy to install, you can cut it to the required size, and then install it on the wall with screws, which is faster and cheaper than painting the wall. Post-maintenance is also easy, and the acoustic slat wood wall panel can be easily cleaned with a dusting broom, vacuum or rag. For your home or office, wood slat sound-absorbing panel is a great choice.



If you are looking for a green sound solution to reduce noise and increase privacy, then acoustic slat wood wall panels may be perfect for you. This type of wall panel is a great choice for areas like bedrooms or living rooms to reduce noise pollution and improve quality of life. At the same time, this panel will not pollute the environment and is very environmentally friendly. If you want to know more, then contact LEEDINGS, we have experts to answer your questions!